The Best Exterior Amenities for Attracting Home Buyers

The Best Exterior Amenities for Attracting Home Buyers

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The present affordable housing crisis may result in some lucky buys and profitable sales for wealthy individuals and savvy investors, respectively. However, the crisis is continuing to bar homebuyers from fair, rewarding sales in ever increasing numbers. Those who are still seeking to brave the market and secure an affordable deal on the best houses for sale Kailua Kona can offer are bound to be more particular than those buying when houses are cheap. These buyers are looking for the best bang for their limited buck; after all, if they are going to spend far more on a home than they would have had to prior to the crisis, they will want to ensure that the house meets all of their standards.

If you are a savvy investor or agent, you know exactly what tenants are seeking in the way of a home’s interior. Buyers want to avoid nonsensical layouts and add-ons in favor of functionality. They want modern, aesthetically pleasing kitchens and bathrooms with up-to-date appliances. They want clean, neutral walls and floors, natural light, and plenty of space.

However, many investors and wholesalers fail to take the exterior of a home into account when they invest. Even a home with a perfect interior will fail to attract buyers if the home’s exterior isn’t up to their standards. After all, their first impression of the home will be the exterior! But exterior aesthetics are not the only outdoor factors that will contribute to a buyers’ decision; they will also be interested in exterior amenities. If you are looking to buy or invest in the best houses for sale Kailua Kona features, you want to ensure that the home has the following exterior elements.

Outdoor Storage

A large backyard shed can go a long way in attracting buyers in an expensive market. As a result of the affordable housing crisis, most buyers have been forced to settle on houses that are smaller than their ideal homes. Thus, the option to store extra belongings outdoors can make small homes more attractive to these types of buyers.

Furthermore, if the house is equipped with a large front lawn or backyard, it will require a good deal of maintenance. Buyers will naturally seek storage for appliances like gardening tools and lawnmowers. If the buyers are active, they may also want space for things like bikes, surf gear, and the like.

A covered deck or patio might be a good place to store these types of tools; indeed, such amenities will also increase the value and attractiveness of a home. But storing your gardening tools on a porch or deck can significantly detract from the aesthetic appeal of the space. Thus, a backyard shed is a must, even if you have a deck or patio.


Safety is of the upmost importance to buyers, and especially so for those with children. Of course, the primary objective is to keep dangers like thieves, violent individuals, and feisty dogs off of the property. But for families with children, it is equally important to keep the children in, away from strangers and busy streets. Thus, fencing in both the front and back yards can significantly increase the attractiveness of a home. The best houses for sale Kailua Kona can offer will have fencing that is both sturdy and attractive.


In busy places like Kailua Kona, adequate space for parking is a must. Designated street parking will do the trick, but a driveway is even better, as it reduces the likelihood of a hit-and-run.

The most attractive houses for sale Kailua Kona can boast will have garages or covered parking. While Hawaii is not subject to snow and hail like many areas on the mainland U.S., storing a car in a garage is much safer than storing it out in the open or on the street. And, of course, garages can also be used for storage purposes as well.

Decks and Patios

As we previously mentioned, decks and patios contribute to making for the best houses for sale Kailua Kona can offer. Most family homes in the area are still relatively small. This is especially true in the densely populated neighborhoods on the mauka side of Kona town. A deck or patio is therefore incredibly attractive, as it adds living space to the home.

Additionally, decks and patios are particularly valuable in warm, tropical climates like Hawaii’s. In colder areas, families can only make use of these types of spaces during the summer months. Come the winter months, they become more of a liability, requiring coverage and regular snow clearing. In contrast, Hawaii residents can make use of decks and patios year-round, making them that much more attractive.

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