Pet Policies for Short and Long Term Rentals

Posted by Audrey Love // March 13, 2019

As an investor, your objective is to list the most attractive long-term home or short-term vacation rentals Big Island HI has to offer. We’ve discussed, in previous posts, the importance of adorning the interior and exterior of both home rentals and short-term vacation rentals Big Island HI offers with functional amenities and aesthetic appeal.   […]

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Kailua Kona Condos for Sale: To Invest, or Not?

Posted by Audrey Love // February 28, 2019

We write a lot about investing in duplexes, single-family homes, and multi-family complexes on our blog. Indeed, the values of single-family homes are steadily rising. And, as always, buy and hold investing is the only form of low-risk, high reward investing that exists. But we have thus far failed to examine a unique and, often, […]

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How to Increase the Appeal of Your Home to Attract Buyers

Posted by Audrey Love // February 20, 2019

Are you interested in selling your home? Whether you list your house as for sale by owner (FSBO) or hire a real estate agent to list it for you, there are a few essential steps you must take to ensure that your house stands out amongst the houses for sale Big Island Hawaii has to […]

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What to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

Posted by Audrey Love // February 15, 2019

Not all investors in houses for rent in Kona Hawaii will need the support of a real estate agent. Seasoned investors likely have the connections and the know-how to blossom personally and financially without external support. New investors, however, could really benefit from the insights of a real estate agent. However, spending money on an […]

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The Four Things You Must Know About Prospective Tenants

Posted by Audrey Love // February 6, 2019

If you are investing in houses in Kona Hawaii, you have a lot on the line. Houses in Kona Hawaii certainly aren’t cheap. Thus, if you don’t play your cards right, adding value in a profitable manner and working out your figures beforehand to determine your projected REI, you could face severe losses. To play […]

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Crucial Millennial Home Buying Trends

Posted by Audrey Love // January 31, 2019

The millennial generation is a controversial one. They have earned a reputation for being excessively politically correct snowflakes, spoiled children with poor attention spans and weak work ethic. But they are also far more conservative than their parents and grandparents. They spend less and save more, drink less and plan more. They are the motivated […]

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4 Tips for More Effective Networking

Posted by Audrey Love // January 23, 2019

Networking is one of the most critical elements of purchasing Big Island real estate for sale. But for many of us, it is also the most difficult. The emergence of social media and online marketing have sent many an introvert receding into his or her home to forge all of their connections online. Indeed, online […]

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The Drawbacks All Housing Investors Must Avoid

Posted by Audrey Love // January 16, 2019

Houses for sale in Kailua Kona are anything but cheap. Not only are they typically newer, upscale homes; the land that they occupy is incredibly valuable, significantly driving up their prices. Thus, if you are looking to purchase houses for sale in Kailua Kona to rent out, you want to pick one that will have […]

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Seeking Financial Health? Cut Back on These Four Things

Posted by Audrey Love // January 9, 2019

There are people who begin investing in Big Island Hawaii homes for sale with adequate financial resources and the intention of creating lucrative, personally fulfilling careers. But there are also people who want to invest in Big Island Hawaii homes for sale solely for the purpose of making a quick profit. Oftentimes those individuals are […]

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5 Habits to Implement for Personal Success in 2019

Posted by Audrey Love // January 3, 2019

Oftentimes it’s the little things—seemingly minor personal habits and systems—that can make or break the more significant aspects of our lives. If you’re seeking to purchase Big Island houses for sale in 2019, you need a top notch investing strategy. But part of that investing strategy includes investing in you! Make 2019 your most successful […]

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