Buying Rental Property in Hawaii? Make These Upgrades in 2019

Posted by Audrey Love // May 2, 2019

With a New Year always comes new motivation to build your best life possible. Whether you are seeking to improve your personal health, build a thriving business, or just make a few small tweaks to upgrade the quality of your life, there is a wealth of knowledge available to you to capitalize on. If you […]

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Know anyone facing Foreclosure in Hawaii?

Posted by Zachary Nathan // April 25, 2019

NOI 101: The Basics of Net Operating Income

Posted by Audrey Love // April 17, 2019

Both novice and seasoned real estate investors know that accurate facts and figures are key to buying real estate in Hawaii. Sloppy math and the taint of optimism can easily mask the poor earning potential of a property. If you don’t calculate your figures carefully, you stand to suffer from preventable and regrettable losses. Perhaps […]

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Prevent Conflict By Avoiding These Four Tenants

Posted by Audrey Love // April 11, 2019

What scares most people about investing in Hawaiian homes is the perceived risk of an investment venture. Real estate investment is, of course, incredibly lucrative for many individuals. However, while being a good investor involves knowledge and strategy, there is also a matter of chance involved. Poor tenants, unanticipated repairs, market fluctuations—all of these factors […]

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How to Fund Your Real Estate Investments

Posted by Audrey Love // April 3, 2019

Real estate investment is an excellent way to simultaneously generate profit and provide sellers with lucrative alternatives to traditional property sales. However, buying property in Hawaii to begin your investment operation  requires capital. Many with the knowledge, skills, and energetic capacity to begin investing in real estate are deterred by a lack of funding. If […]

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Why Home Inspections Are Essential

Posted by Audrey Love // March 27, 2019

Looking to purchase and rent out a home? Conducting a home inspection before purchasing Kona Hawaii houses for sale is an absolute must. Investors that forego the inspection process stand to waste unimaginable quantities of time and money on unanticipated repairs and maintenance. For many, conducting an inspection will determine whether your rental enterprise will […]

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Pet Policies for Short and Long Term Rentals

Posted by Audrey Love // March 13, 2019

As an investor, your objective is to list the most attractive long-term home or short-term vacation rentals Big Island HI has to offer. We’ve discussed, in previous posts, the importance of adorning the interior and exterior of both home rentals and short-term vacation rentals Big Island HI offers with functional amenities and aesthetic appeal.   […]

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Kailua Kona Condos for Sale: To Invest, or Not?

Posted by Audrey Love // February 28, 2019

We write a lot about investing in duplexes, single-family homes, and multi-family complexes on our blog. Indeed, the values of single-family homes are steadily rising. And, as always, buy and hold investing is the only form of low-risk, high reward investing that exists. But we have thus far failed to examine a unique and, often, […]

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How to Increase the Appeal of Your Home to Attract Buyers

Posted by Audrey Love // February 20, 2019

Are you interested in selling your home? Whether you list your house as for sale by owner (FSBO) or hire a real estate agent to list it for you, there are a few essential steps you must take to ensure that your house stands out amongst the houses for sale Big Island Hawaii has to […]

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What to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

Posted by Audrey Love // February 15, 2019

Not all investors in houses for rent in Kona Hawaii will need the support of a real estate agent. Seasoned investors likely have the connections and the know-how to blossom personally and financially without external support. New investors, however, could really benefit from the insights of a real estate agent. However, spending money on an […]

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