Seeking Financial Health? Cut Back on These Four Things

Seeking Financial Health? Cut Back on These Four Things

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There are people who begin investing in Big Island Hawaii homes for sale with adequate financial resources and the intention of creating lucrative, personally fulfilling careers. But there are also people who want to invest in Big Island Hawaii homes for sale solely for the purpose of making a quick profit. Oftentimes those individuals are in a financial bind and need money fast. The problem? These are the same individuals who lack capital and good credit. And a good investor knows that good capital and credit are the foundation upon which one must build their enterprise.

The latest trend in health is a viable one: embracing holistic health methods to treat the cause of a problem rather than its symptoms. We like to look at money and investing the same way. Instead of looking for ways to invest in spite of your poor financial circumstances, put in the work to improve those circumstances and build a solid foundation for success. Skip the Prozac and get-rich quick schemes in favor of a healthy lifestyle and healthy financial habits.

Below we explore the most common and demanding monetary drains. Here’s why and how you should avoid them at all costs (pun intended) if you’re investing in Big Island Hawaii homes for sale.

Your Car

Most of us fall prey to materialistic inclinations at times. But if your income is modest, you cannot afford a fancy sports car. Even a new car is likely outside of the realm of possibility for you. Indeed, you lose thousands of dollars the second you drive a new car off the lot!

An operable vehicle in good condition is, of course, a necessity for all working individuals. But if you have refined taste in vehicles, you may have to sacrifice your love for cars for the sake of your bottom line.

Some people lease cars instead of purchasing them, still clinging to the self-image that driving around a luxury vehicle fosters. But, over time, leasing a car is incredibly expensive.  If you surpass your mileage limit, you stand to pay an extra 30 cents for every mile you drive!

If you’re suffering financially and want to start investing in Big Island Hawaii homes for sale, you simply have to cut corners. There’s no way around it. Stop leasing, abandon your dreams of purchasing a fancy car, and think practically. A quality used car will keep you safe and mobile, and that’s all you really need.


One of the primary components of the average person’s budget is, of course, food. You have to eat to live, so no one is telling you to cut your portions. Furthermore, eating healthy fosters positive mood, high energy levels, and sharpened concentration. You don’t want to cut corners by abandoning organic food for processed food, or trading fresh food for cheaper canned goods.

What you should do, though, is take a critical look at how you spend money on food. If you are primarily spending your money on whole, organic foods, that’s great! But if you’re spending a lot of money on takeout, you need to re-evaluate your financial decisions. Over time, take-out food really adds up. Processed, low-nutrient, or low-calorie foods don’t provide much bang for all of the bucks they demand either.

Keep the staples and ditch the extras. Limit yourself to takeout once every week or two. Ditch the candies and snack foods that aren’t contributing to your diet. Forego sugary drinks. Swap energy drinks for energy powder, or forego the sugary caffeine boost altogether! Doing so will not only save you money; it will also yield a positive influence on the planet by reducing plastic and aluminum waste.

Your House

Cutting your housing costs requires that you be brutally honest with yourself. How much space do you really need? Did you purchase a larger home for a practical reason, or for creating an illusion of status? Does your house leave you with no extra money to spend on everything else? Are luxury flooring and upscale appliances really worth having to forego a vacation or otherwise limiting yourself financially?

Owning a home has been an elemental aspect of the classic American dream for decades now. But it is growing less and less practical for millennial adults entering the housing market. For these mobile and cash-strapped individuals, a cheap rental is far more practical.

You really don’t need much more than 400 or 500 square feet a person. If your home is big enough and functional, ditch the dreams of luxury and move out of your expensive house. Find more fun and inexpensive ways to decorate, like painting or crafts. Use your home to convey your personality rather than your status by decorating it the way you like. A home with charm and personality will likely be far more comfortable and appealing than a luxury home.


This is a no-brainer for most of us, but really hard to follow through on. Alcohol is extremely expensive. A half decent bottle of wine will cost you at least fifteen dollars; a good beer, upwards of five; and a nice cocktail, at least eight dollars! And once you have one, you usually want another. You will never be able to successfully invest in Big Island Hawaii homes for sale if you are blowing all of your money on booze.

The healthiest and most financially savvy option is to cut out alcohol, or at least limit your drinking. Set yourself a healthy and financially feasible weekly limit, or try an “alcohol fast” once every few months to reset your body and your wallet.

Of course, office happy hours and birthday celebrations will always sneak up on you. You can limit your drinking to only these occasions. If you are nixing alcohol altogether, experiment with mock-tails. You won’t feel the social pressure of not drinking, and they’re usually really good!

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