7 Essential Habits of Top Notch Investors

Posted by Audrey Love // February 21, 2018

Woman investing in Hawaii real estate

Real estate investment is both a science and an art form. Thus, there is a lot of imagining, strategizing, and number crunching that goes into successfully investing in Hawaii real estate. While there are, of course, essential processes and tactics that you must master as a prominent real estate investor, learning the basic ins and […]

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The Most Crucial Considerations for House Flipping

Posted by Audrey Love // February 15, 2018

Flipping Kailua Kona real estate can be incredibly lucrative. If you’re just getting your feet in the water, though, it can also be incredibly daunting. There are several critical facets of house flipping—purchasing Kailua Kona real estate below market value, determining necessary repairs, calculating remodels costs, determining a legitimate selling price, and more—that are complex […]

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Airbnb Pricing 101

Posted by Audrey Love // February 7, 2018

Establishing a short-term rental operation, especially in a vacation destination like Hawaii, will almost guarantee a return on your Kailua Kona real estate investment. However, if you are entering Airbnb’s competitive markets, it is crucial that you list your property at the right price. Pricing too low will unnecessarily squander your profits. Pricing too high […]

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Prioritizing Upgrades for Kailua Kona Homes for Rent

Posted by Audrey Love // February 1, 2018

Investors in Kailua Kona homes for rent will want to cater to the needs and desires of prospective renters. Both functionality and aesthetics will significantly impact whether a multifamily rental property will attract renters. In order to meet the needs of your renters and generate a return on your investment, you may need to consider […]

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How to Generate Stellar Reviews on Short Term Rentals

Posted by Audrey Love // January 24, 2018

Rental property one star rating

Today, individual companies like and crowd-sourced review websites like make it easy to gauge the desirability of a short-term rental. One poor review can compromise your whole short-term rental operation, making it near impossible to generate a return on investing in Kona property for sale. Likewise, even just a few positive reviews can […]

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Essential Marketing Strategies for Kona Investors

Posted by Audrey Love // January 11, 2018

Buyers and sellers aren’t interested in working with run-of-the-mill investors. Rather, they’re seeking individuals with specific qualifications and attributes that will produce short, simple, and profitable deals on Kailua Kona houses for sale. However, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice investor, your unique skills and experience are irrelevant if you lack a comprehensive […]

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Crucial 2018 Real Estate Trends

Posted by Audrey Love // January 5, 2018

Giving keys to Kailua Kona homes for sale

The new year will undoubtedly usher in new developments and trends in the world of real estate. Because we live in an age of proliferating technological capabilities and ever-fluctuating markets, the ways that we conduct real estate transactions are constantly evolving. Thus, it can be difficult to project what might be in store for those […]

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Goals for Success in Kona Real Estate for Sale

Posted by Audrey Love // December 28, 2017

Set Goals Kona Real estate for sale

The advent of the New Year always inspires change. With the coming of 2018, people will be redecorating their homes, hitting the gym, eating healthier, and starting new projects. For those of us in Kona real estate for sale, the New Year means new business strategies and objectives. In order to meet your financial goals and […]

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Strike the Best Deal on Homes for Sale in Kona Hawaii

Posted by Audrey Love // December 25, 2017

handshake homes for sale in kona hawaii

If you’re in Hawaiian real estate investment like us, you know that the process of buying and selling homes for sale in Kona Hawaii is never straightforward. Even if you are confident and skilled in the logistical elements of investing, it can be extremely difficult to feel secure in face-to-face negotiations. Beyond facts and figures, […]

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Solutions to Foreclosure on Hawaii Island Real Estate

Posted by Zachary Nathan // December 15, 2017

auction sign Hawaii island real estate

Are you facing foreclosure on your Hawaii Island real estate? You’re not alone. Though national foreclosure rates have been consistently declining, Hawaii is one of 12 states that experienced an increase in foreclosure rates by the end of 2016. Foreclosure activity increased by 20%, and 66% of those foreclosures consisted of legacy foreclosures, the second […]

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