Buying Property in Hawaii: What to Fix, What to Forget

Posted by Audrey Love // August 23, 2018

Are you buying property in Hawaii? If so, you need to think carefully about what you want to fix if you are planning to fix and flip or buy and sell. We’ve written before on what renovations and repairs to prioritize when fixing up an investment property. But when you’re buying property in Hawaii, the […]

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Why “Just Stay Positive” Is NOT Good Real Estate Advice

Posted by Audrey Love // August 15, 2018

Generally speaking, maintaining a positive outlook is, well, a positive thing. Those who tend to think positively of the future have more motivation and drive, leading to greater success. Positive individuals encounter fewer stressors in their social lives, as they tend to be more amicable, confident, and forgiving. As an investor, maintaining a positive disposition […]

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The Skills and Resources You Need as a Landlord

Posted by Audrey Love // August 9, 2018

You’re probably already aware that being a landlord of homes for rent in Kona requires a bit of monetary management. But landlording is complicated for many reasons, not just financial ones. Just a few simple skills and resources can completely transform landlording from a headache into an enjoyable and profitable profession. This week we explore […]

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The 3 Best and Worst Moves a New Investor Can Make

Posted by Audrey Love // July 26, 2018

All investors in Kona Hawaii houses for sale were newbies at one point or another. We all know what it’s like. Whether we leapt into investing as a get rich quick scheme, diligently pursued investing as a career, or were simply seeking a low maintenance source of passive income, we have all been faced with […]

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Surefire Ways to Increase the Desirability of Your Rental

Posted by Audrey Love // July 18, 2018

Vamping up the marketability of houses for rent in Kona Hawaii, or in any area, can be difficult. As more and more millenials are choosing to rent houses instead of buying, demand for rental properties is steadily increasing. But so is the competition. The number of property managers has increased as financially savvy individuals recognize […]

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How to Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Buy and Hold Investors

Posted by Audrey Love // July 11, 2018

Buying and holding can be more difficult than novice investors anticipate. Serving as a landlord for homes in Kona Hawaii is essentially a full time job. Though you may not spend your standard forty hours a week managing a property, you are perpetually on call to address tenants’ needs and complaints. Unexpected repairs, lockouts, and […]

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How to Protect Your Tenants—And Yourself—From Theft and Damage

Posted by Audrey Love // July 4, 2018

As a landlord of homes for rent in Kona (or anywhere, for that matter), you owe it to your tenants to provide a comfortable and secure living environment. Thus included in your obligations is to properly and thoroughly protect your rental property from potential criminal activity. This is particularly true if you possess rentals in […]

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How to Increase Your Efficiency and Lead a Productive Life

Posted by Audrey Love // June 27, 2018

In purchasing Kailua Kona Hawaii homes for sale, as in almost every life endeavor, efficiency is key. Sports, work, housekeeping, exercising—the value of almost every activity can be boiled down to the amount of time it consumes and the benefit that it generates. Efficiency isn’t as simple as refining your willpower. Some people believe that […]

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Healthy Habits are the Foundation for Kona Hawaii Real Estate Success

Posted by Audrey Love // June 21, 2018

It is important to maintain a certain degree of separation between work life and personal life. Bringing your work into your personal life can cause an unhealthy degree of stress. Answering work phone calls during dinner, staying up late to scour through emails, stewing over frustrating business encounters while picking up your kids from school, […]

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So You’re Moving…Should You Rent Out Your Old Family Home?

Posted by Audrey Love // May 31, 2018

Thinking about renting out your real estate Big Island Hawaii? It is not uncommon for people to become “accidental” investors by renting out a property that they did not intend to at the time of purchase. Oftentimes what we see are homeowners who hope that renting out their old family home will help them pay […]

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