5 Habits to Implement for Personal Success in 2019

5 Habits to Implement for Personal Success in 2019

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Oftentimes it’s the little things—seemingly minor personal habits and systems—that can make or break the more significant aspects of our lives. If you’re seeking to purchase Big Island houses for sale in 2019, you need a top notch investing strategy. But part of that investing strategy includes investing in you! Make 2019 your most successful year yet by refining not only your business practices, but also your personal practices. The right methods of personal care, organization, and goal-setting will help you invest in Big Island houses for sale for the win in 2019.

Wake Up Early

Waking up early is probably on your list of attempted and uncompleted goals of the past. Getting in the habit of waking up early can be really hard in the winter, as the mornings are darker and colder than they are in the summer. Still, waking up early is incredibly important for health and productivity. In fact, it may be the key to your success in investing in Big Island houses for sale this year! It seems too simple, right? But through the ripple effect, waking up early can actually impact the state of your finances quite powerfully.

One of the reasons that early birds “get the worm,” so to speak, is that they begin to think and work before the rest of the world gets moving. That means more quiet, peace, and stillness for personal reflection and task completion. It is far easier to complete necessary reading or to tidy up your space without the distraction of emails, phone calls, screaming children, and noisy neighbors.

One of the most effective ways to encourage an earlier and more regular sleeping pattern is to wake and set with the sun. Set your alarm for a few minutes before sunrise everyday and wake up to watch it. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home so long as you have a decent window. Rising with the sun helps to reset your delicate circadian rhythm. Over time, your body will naturally adjust to waking up earlier. You may find that you no longer need an alarm to wake up at 6am!

Develop a Morning Routine

Waking up early lends to success in other arenas as well, including investment in Big Island houses for sale. If you start your morning productively, you will have more energy and motivation to be productive throughout the day. You may find yourself less stressed in the evening since you were able to complete more to-do items earlier in the day. And less stress in the evening means more restful sleep and an easier time rising early again the next day.

Try creating a morning routine for yourself that is conducive to both personal care and goal completion. Perhaps your morning routine consists of a 5 minute meditation and preparing breakfast. Or maybe you will want to enjoy your bulletproof coffee while plowing through the day’s emails after rising. If you can get difficult tasks and critical self care completed in the morning, the rest of your day instantly becomes more restful and productive.

Create Weekly Goals

It’s easy to identify and set goals for investing in Big Island houses for sale. However, it isn’t easy to complete them if you fail to craft them properly.

At the outset of 2018, we published a blog on how to set SMART goals for success. Smart goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Crafting a goal properly requires that it meet all five of the SMART goal criteria.

Setting weekly goals is an excellent way to ensure that your goals are inherently time bound. Instead of setting lofty, long-term goals without a clear strategy, try crafting smaller, short-term goals that will put you on track to achieving your larger goal. It is far more manageable and, by extension, more rewarding to set weekly goals than it is to set broader ones without a concrete plan. Just be sure that those goals are also specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant.

Try creating a goal journal and recording 1-3 goals each week. Be wary of taking on any more than 3, as you may end up spreading your energy and willpower too thin. When you visit your journal at the end of the week, complete a written entry on what your greatest obstacles were in achieving that goal. Doing so will teach you more about yourself and prepare you for completing future goals more effectively.

Conquer Your Fears

Perhaps conquering your fears may seem a somewhat irrelevant addition to a real estate blog. But, upon introspection, you may be surprised to realize just how many of your actions (and inactions) related to investing in Big Island houses for sale are driven by fear. Oftentimes we fail to meet our goals not because we are lazy or careless, but because we are afraid; afraid of failing; afraid of being judged by others; afraid of succeeding; afraid of adopting new responsibilities; and so on.

The only way to conquer your fears is to do something that scares you. Pick one thing on your list of goals that intimidates you. Don’t pick the most lofty or terrifying goal or the simplest goal. Rather, pick a goal that is manageable to complete but still daunting, and put all of your energy into completing it.

You will probably surprise yourself in completing an intimidating goal. Oftentimes achieving the goal is far less stressful than ruminating on it and pushing it out of your mind when you can no longer take it. Try to work your way from less intimidating goals to more intimidating ones. In slowly conquering larger and larger fears, you will boost your confidence, productivity, and focus in the long-term.  By extension, you will find greater success investing in Big Island houses for sale.

Focus on Quadrant 2

Stephen Covey’s concept of the four quadrants is an excellent tool for identifying which tasks to attend to and when.

The four quadrants are as follows: Quadrant 1 is urgent and important; Quadrant 2 is not urgent and important; Quadrant 3 is urgent and not important; and Quadrant 4 is not urgent and not important. Dividing tasks related to investing in Big Island houses for sale into these four quadrants is an excellent way to boost your investment productivity.

Oftentimes our to-do lists grow so unbearably long that they become difficult to navigate. It then becomes easiest and most critical to focus on completing all of the items in Quadrant 1. Quadrant 1 is, of course, your number one priority. However, focusing on Quadrant 1 at the expense of Quadrant 2 can be very bad for your bottom line. In fulfilling urgent needs like bill payments, showing a house, or completing a repair, you may neglect critical Quadrant 2 items like building your brand, networking in your field, or creating healthy personal habits that will indirectly promote your financial success investing in Big Island houses for sale.

Try breaking your to-do list into these four quadrants and creating a timeline for yourself. Items in Quadrant 1 may occupy the majority of your immediate future. It is best, then, to break your Quadrant 2 items into individual, achievable tasks and create solid deadlines for them, converting them into Quadrant 1 items simply by creating a due date. Quadrant 2 items are the items that you want on your weekly goal list, as we discussed above. Over time, steadily completing Quadrant 2 goals will have a big impact on your real estate success.

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