Why You Should Buy Houses in Hawaii in 2019

Why You Should Buy Houses in Hawaii in 2019

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The Big Island’s bustling west side and tranquil north shore boast the best homes for sale Hawaii Island has to offer. Kona town provides access to luxurious beaches, fine dining, small, fun shops, artsy cafes, and a bustling social scene. The North shore is a lush mecca of tropical trees and stellar views. If you are seeking the best homes for sale Hawaii Island has to offer, you need to be looking at Kona and the North shore!

With real estate prospects dwindling on the Big Island’s east side in the wake of Kilauea’s eruption, families are continuing to seek out real estate across the island. Though markets are competitive, now is still a great time to invest in houses on the island. At Craft Realty, we help people find the best homes for sale Hawaii Island can provide, and we have found them in Kona and on the North shore. Looking for more reasons to invest? Here are just a few reasons why you should seek houses in Kona and the north shore in 2019.

Predictable Growth

Real estate investments change value in a far slower and more predictable manner than stocks. That’s because real estate is an illiquid asset. Still, unanticipated fluctuations in the market are not unheard of and can cause major losses for inexperienced homeowners and investors.

However, the homes for sale Hawaii Island has to offer promise to appreciate predictably. Hawaiian real estate is considered one of the safest investments in the United States. Whether the reason is the geographic immobility of Hawaii’s residents or the prevailing dream of a Hawaiian retirement, demand for real estate in Hawaii has remained consistent and strong over the past decade.

This past week was the worst week for United States stocks in the past decade. Our turbulent sociopolitical climate has rendered the prospect of investing in the stock market even more unpredictable than it inherently is. Don’t risk major losses by gambling with your money. Invest in a home in Hawaii for an asset that will appreciate predictably. If you’re really financially savvy, you will make this year the year that you begin your own buy and hold operation in Hawaii!

A Good Place To Buy

As we discussed in last week’s post, demand for rentals is anticipated to rise in 2019. We expect demand for rentals in Kona and the North Shore to increase accordingly, as millennial adults continue to seek affordable housing in reasonable proximity to jobs in Kona town and the north shore resorts.

However, Hawaii is likely to carry a higher ratio of homebuyers to renters than other areas of the country. That’s because Hawaii, specifically Kona and the north shore, are popular destinations for retirees. By definition, retirees are looking for a place to settle down permanently and enjoy their lives. By extension, retirees are more likely to choose buying over renting than the average American. Thus, investing in Big Island homes is a safe and promising option for buyers, wholesalers, and buy and hold investors alike!

It’s important to mention, too, that choosing to buy instead of renting can help protect you against some of the negative implications of inflation. If you choose to rent, your rent is subject to inflation, meaning you will likely face multiple rent increases over time. However, if you buy a home with a 30-year mortgage, your mortgage payments will not increase with inflation. Thus, you will benefit from inflation as the value of your house appreciates without losing to higher fixed costs.

If you’re an investor, increasing demand for rent in Hawaii and around the globe is your biggest asset in 2019. Buy a house in Hawaii now for the purpose of buy and hold, and you are bound to have your choice of tenants for a lucrative operation.

Health and Happiness

According to a December 2018 CBS News report, Hawaii has reclaimed its spot as the healthiest state in the U.S.! Scientists examined health care, politics, physical health, behavioral health, community, and ecology in assembling their rankings. Thus, it is safe to say that Hawaii is an all around healthy and happy state.

There are several reasons that Hawaii consistently ranks so high. Hawaii has extremely accessible and comprehensive medicaid plans that provide preventive care and education in addition to effective medical treatment. Farms and farmers markets are Hawaiian staples, meaning an abundance of plant-based and artisanal foods. The social climate in Hawaii is relaxed and communal, largely inspired by the remnants and relics of Native Hawaiian culture. And, finally, all of that warm weather and sun are great for boosting vitamin D levels and, by extension, your mood!

If you’re looking into buying a house, you’re probably also looking to settle down in the location in which that house is located. So why not choose the healthiest state in America? Make a long term investment in your health and wellbeing. Purchase one of the best homes for sale Hawaii island has to offer.

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